Stitching Policy

We Khanum Jan offer premium sewing administration with no think twice about sewing styles and quality. We plan and fasten dresses according to brands shoots showed on our site.

In today's fashion industry, brands often showcase certain design elements for visual appeal and concept purposes, which may not be incorporated into the final product. As a result, there might be limited variation in our dresses compared to what is displayed.

However, given our cultural background and adherence to Pakistani traditions, we to modify certain design components for modesty reasons. For instance, we adjust low backs, backless styles, drop shoulders, exposed midriffs, and sleeveless dresses to more traditional alternatives. This means that our dresses feature regular backs, modestly covered shoulders, concealed stomachs, and attached sleeves, reflecting our commitment to cultural norms.
We strive to maintain a balance between incorporating cultural values and ensuring the highest standards of sewing craftsmanship, offering our customers premium sewing services that meet their expectations while respecting our Pakistani heritage.

Sewing Policy is as per the following:

• Shirt styled and sewed according to picture displayed nearby.

• Shirts linings just furnished with chiffon/net shirts.

• Texture isn't absorbed water (doused texture loses its sparkle and elegance).

• Pant styled according to picture shown.

• Shirts Sleeves styled according to picture shown.

• Sleeveless dresses go with sleeves according to organization strategy.

• Chiffon or net Sleeves come independent and semi sewed inside the shirts.

• Completely completed dupattas according to picture shown.

• Undershirt included (whenever shown or important as barely any texture are see through).

• Decorate according to picture (Little variety is anticipated according to accessibility).

• We offered specially designed dresses and hand crafted estimation box is out there at checkout of each request.

• On the off chance that a Dress is uniquely designed, it's given estimations and changes are sole liability of the client. We will stitch the dress according to customer's request and this request will not be refundable.

• Collar Tag: We use collar marks as we join the item, brands give us unstitched surface just and not collar names.".

• In the event that need any help don't spare a moment to get in touch with us at, WhatsApp +447424085403 or web chat Thanks.