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We established our company in 2000 with the goal of producing authentic Pakistani clothing that showcases the true essence of our culture. We take great pride in delivering excellent customer service and offering premium quality products that exude style and sophistication.

Our collection of women's clothing is carefully designed, incorporating bright colours, intricate patterns, and beautiful embroidery. We believe that fashion should be both modern and modest, allowing women to express themselves while staying true to their traditions. Our commitment to offering Pakistani fashion at an affordable price without compromising on quality sets us apart from others in the UK, USA market. We understand that every customer is unique, with their own individual taste and preferences. That's why we have curate a large collection of clothing brands, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for casual wear or formal attire, our diverse range of options will cater to your needs. When purchasing high-quality Pakistani ladies apparel, the normal female customer looks at the buttons, beads, embroidery, texture, and kind of fabric. If the customer is very concerned with the quality of her clothing, she also carefully examines the design aesthetics and style as a whole.

The stitching, however, is a pretty delicate region that needs extra attention and care whether you order for Pakistani dresses in number or a single pcs object, if quality is your primary grid to analyze the product and brand itself.

Good Stitching is very important?

When purchasing the
highest-quality women's clothing brands online in the UK, USA, and Pakistan,
good stitching is a crucial consideration. And we at Hoorain.uk are selecting
the best stitching techniques to create our goods very premium and the best in the
market for ladies' quality apparel in the UK and the USA. I confidently state
that, if quality is important, we are the leaders in the fashion sector.

Allow me to introduce you to the quality grids that
guide our operations at khanumjan.co.uk

The Material

Natural fibre is regularly used to create high-quality apparel. This is due to the fact that natural fibre can cost more while lasting longer. The designers of various collections of women's apparel do adhere to the quality criteria of the fabric fibre given that we are working with the Pakistani brand sector. Additionally, we at Khanumjan.co.uk make sure that the businesses we partner with give us the best wool, cotton, cashmere, and silk in order to manufacture high-quality clothes. We often avoid using inexpensive materials since they are of lower quality, and investing in a garment that looks cheap after only a few wears is the worst case scenario. And as a stitching company, we pay close attention to the materials we utilize.

Seams and Accessories

You can learn a lot about a dress's quality by examining the threads, buttons, and other accessories. The use of plastic or low-cost materials in a garment can indicate how inexpensive it is. Your clothing will last longer if it is made of high-quality materials. Verify that a shirt matches the surrounding material on the front and back of the shirt to get a closer look at this detail. This is a subtly discernible sign of superior Pakistani clothing quality. Because matching striped or plaid patterns at the seams takes more time and fabric, and this is true regardless of the amount of material used to give a product shape when embellishing a product.
Many low-quality clothing manufacturers omit this step. Even though cheap fabric or mismatched threads won't make a garment appear cheap, it could indicate that the clothing company that offers stitching services has also compromised on other aspects of design or construction in an effort to reduce costs and, ultimately, quality. Because we want to be known as the best stitching brand in town, Khanumjan.co.uk also uses the best beads, buttons, laces, and stones when making high-quality Pakistani ladies clothing. On that, there can be no compromise.

Facing and Hemming

If a piece of clothing has "raw" hems that have not been sewn or "finished" with additional fabric, it is more likely that it will unravel or look sloppy. Fast fashion producers frequently just cut the ends of skirts or pants, saving time and resources by not finishing the hem. If the hem of a garment appears to have been folded over and sewn, it will likely last longer without fraying. However, at Khanumjan.co.uk, we use silk or fabric that resembles a dress to add nice hems and facing. Facing is the additional material that we stitch along seams. They are frequently used around zippers and necklines to complete the look and provide high-quality Pakistani women's clothing in the UK.


We use zippers that are covered by a fabric placket because exposed zippers are more likely to catch on fabric or get clogged with debris. Most manufacturers use high-quality zippers to give their products a polished appearance, though many manufacturers use exposed zippers because they are less expensive and simpler to work with.

Over locking and Collar Tags

Because the brand only provides us with unstitched fabric and no collar tags, we use Khanumjan.co.uk collar tags. You should, at the very least, confirm that the collar tag specifies the type of stitching services you're receiving. The dress is finished by covering the raw edges with thread over lock using the same fabric's colour threads.

Final Quality Assessment

Good stitching is one of the best indicators of a dress's high quality. Poor stitching indicates that the item was most likely made quickly and inexpensively. To ensure that the dress can be shipped to the customer with a premium-quality product tag and that it maintains its shape when stretched, we look for a sizable number of flaws during the final inspection. Hoorain.uk.

High-quality clothing is typically made of fabrics that have a high "recovery," or the capacity to take their shape back after being stretched or used.

Steps for final evaluation are;

  • Pieces and buttons that are firmly sewn into the fabric.
  • Hem work that is finished to the hilt
  • Additional top sewing
  • Missing stitches
  • Loose stitches
  • Crooked lines or seams
  • Fabric patterns that do not line up with seams
  • Missing Embroideries
  • Staining
  • Colour bleeding

Quality & Trust

The brand Khanumjan.co.uk is more likely to offer customers a quality guarantee or warranty because we are confident in the long-term viability of our products. Saying that our products will be of the highest quality while only delivering the poorest makes no sense. As a result, we promise that the dress you purchase will be durable and come with a fair warranty. Don't forget to purchase from Khanumjan.co.uk if you truly want to be certain that your money is secure because we are renowned in the Pakistani fashion and sewing industry for quality, dependability, and durability.
Wherever our customers are in the world, we work to make shopping easy and accessible for them. We provide international shipping services, making it possible to deliver our clothing anywhere. Our committed team ensures a seamless shopping experience by standing by to help and respond to any questions. As we expand, we'll never waver from our commitment to maintaining our stellar reputation and providing customers with apparel that makes them feel good about themselves. We cordially invite you to peruse our offering and get a first-hand sense of Pakistani fashion's exquisiteness.

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